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Sponsored Athletes

Athlete Benefits and Limitations

Each Year, X-Frame will select 3 Athletes from the Federation to represent X-Frame.

The selection process is based on their work in both the Federation and Natural Bodybuilding as a whole, their competition season for the previous year, their overall attitude and presentation, and their relationship with the owner of X-Frame.
Both Pros and Amateurs are Considered.


-Year Round Highlights and Priority Sponsorships
-Photoshoot and Video Shoot
-Free Apparel
-Centerstage Highlights on X-Frame Flyers
-Monetary Compensation
-Any other benefits deemed appropriate by


-All Active X-Frame Athletes are not permitted to compete in ANY X-Frame Produced Events.
-All Active X-Frame Athletes are requested to remain a Drug-Free Athlete throughout the duration of the year Sponsorship
-All Active X-Frame Athletes are requested to prioritize ON-X Events FIRST before competing in other federations/organizations, but are NOT restricted in competing in any other events, Tested or Non-Tested.

* 08-01-2023 Athlete Restriction Lifted

Message from Owner: Michael A. Gaytan

Due to the fact that ON-X Events as a whole were limited for our first year in 2023, I have decided to lift the restriction for X-Frame Athletes of 2023 to compete in

As Texas Titan and Natural Atlas were both Postponed to 2024.
This allows X-Frame Competitors to still have an opportunity to compete in one last ON-X Event in 2023.

This restriction will again resume in 2024 with the newly selected Sponsored Athletes.

Additional Smaller Sponsorships

Throughout the year, the Owner of X-Frame can choose to provide smaller Sponsorships to additional Athletes for 1 or two Specific Events, and in some cases, those Events CAN be X-Frame Produced Events.

Receiving a sponsorship is the sole discretion of the Owner based on the merits of the Athlete and the relationship between the Athlete and the Owner.
Sponsorships can include, but not limited, funding registration fees, tanning fees, travel fees, hotel fees, or anything else as discussed between the Athlete and the Owner.
*The Owner does not like to be approached about sponsorships, especially from Athletes who do not have any relationship with the Owner*

As of August 1st, 2023, the Owner has Sponsored 26 Athletes all together.

X-Frame Productions, LLC

X-Frame is an Event's Production Company based

out of Austin, Tx hosting Bodybuilding Shows, Fitness Events, 

Health and Wellness Events, and Seminars.

We want to thank all our supporting sponsors and vendors:

- Prep Thyme Meal Prep

- Big Tex Gym

- Competition Kit

- Showglow Tanning

- Bella Glam

- Organic Muscle

- Britfigures Coaching

- Talty Bar

- Race Gas Supplements

- Agame by Sharon

- Regan Health & Wellness

- Greenhouse Foods Donuts

- Elliete Beauty

- Kitty Bikini

- ON-X Naturals

- DT Label

- LGS Activewear

- Fuel n' Burn Fitness

- Bananers Design

- Austin Fitness Community

- Mr E's Remedies

To become a Sponsor, please reach out via Email →

For More Information:

Office/Mailing Address

1921 Cedar Bend Dr


Austin, Tx 78758


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