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Competitors will be judged on posing as well as physical appearance, in both individual
and comparison rounds. Both rounds will consist of quarter turns and mandatory poses.
Below is a breakdown of the Classic Bodybuilding Divisions with details regarding proper
competition attire, presentation and mandatory posing.

- Symmetry - Muscularity - Conditioning

• Balanced and proportioned physique from left to right side as well as top to bottom.
• No one-body part should overpower the rest of the physique.
• Muscular build with aesthetic look
• Capped shoulders
• Developed back with v-taper
• Small Tapered Waist, not blocky
• Highly visible and conditioned abs
• Sweeping developed quads
• Visible and Conditioned Hamstring development
• Muscular separation, striations, and vascularity.

Competition Attire:
Women: two piece bodybuilding suit, plain in color for prejudging. Bottoms must be “V”
shaped and cover at least 2/3 of your buttocks. Woman's suits for finals may include a printed
design or added sparkle, rhinestones, sequins, etc.

Women’s Bodybuilding Classes:
Under 5'3” Weight limit = up to 137lbs
5'3” to 5'7” Weight limit = up to 147lbs
Over 5'7” Weight limit = up to 160lbs maximum

Mandatory Poses:
• Front Lat Spread
• Front Double Bicep
• Side Chest
• Side Tricep
• Rear Lat Spread
• Rear Double Bicep
• Abdominal and Thigh
• Favorite Classic Pose

Individual Round/Routine:
During pre-judging each competitor will either complete a 30 second free-style posing to
house music, or complete their individual routine for the audience to their music of choice
(*See posing music below). Amateurs will have 60 seconds while Pros will have 90 seconds
to 2 minutes, depending on the Event and Promoter of Event and when Individual routines will
commence. Once individual round/routine is over, Competitor will step off stage until called for
Group Comparisons.

Group Comparisons:
Once all competitors have completed their individual rounds, the head judge will call random
competitor numbers of their choice to line up on center stage where quarter turn comparisons
as well as mandatory posing comparisons will be performed. Upon completion of comparison
round the head judge could call on competitors to return to stage in order to ensure proper
judging and placement.

Awards Presentation Format:
Competitors will be called to stage one by one, where they will stop at center stage, strike 2-3
poses and proceed to line up on stage right/left or off stage based on the direction of the
expediter until each competitor has presented herself. Expediter will then direct top 5 back on
stage after all competitors complete their individual round for the Awards Presentation.
Depending on the number of competitors in a class and the decision of the officials, or format
of Promoter, either all competitors or the top 5 in the class will perform a 90 second routine to
their chosen music. Amateurs: Please note rule for routines, only one routine will be
performed if doing Crossover divisions.

Posing music must be on a flash drive, and/or emailed to the Official Event DJ prior to
the Event. Posing music may not contain any vulgar lyrics. Music will vulgar or racial
lyrics and tone will be prohibited.
Props are allowed in the final evening routine however you must have them approved
at the weigh in meetings by the Head Judge or Directors.

Women's Classic

$100.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
  • Once Classes are purchased, they are non-refundable. No exceptions

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