GBO SHAPE is a New division added to the 2019 season by the Global Bodybuilding Organization.


*The SHAPE DIVISION attire: Two Piece Fashionable, Decorative Posing Suit, Clear High Heels and Jewelry ( same as Women's Beachbody)


Height Classes Open:

Under 5’2” 5’21/4” up to 5’5”

5’51/4 up to 5’7”

Over 5’7”


Height Classes Novice:

Short – Under 5’2”

Medium- 5’2” ¼ up to 5’7”

Tall- Over 5’7”


*The SHAPE DIVISION Judging Criteria is based on presentation and individuality. Competitor's physique should display a firmness where the muscle bellies are slightly harder and rounder than seen in the Women's Beachbody division (ie. larger legs/glutes development and a defined core ), but not display the wide shoulders, round delts and lat development of a figure competitor or the muscle separation, definition, low body fat levels, dryness or density that is displayed in our Classic and Standard Bodybuilding division.


*SHAPE competitors will be judged during mandatory rounds in Symmetry, Muscularity, Conditioning and Stage Presentation. Assessing of the physique, judging criteria and rounds are the same as Women’s Beachbody. Vertical proportions (legs to upper body length) are one of the key factors. Horizontal proportions (hips and waist to shoulder width) may favor women with a bit bigger hips, thighs and buttocks.


*SHAPE competitors will perform a "Box Walk" during the presentation round and during the comparison round they will follow the Head Judge's direction and execute front and back poses. Some shows may allow competitors to perform a 10-12 sec free posing routine.


Comparison Round:

Once all competitors in a class have completed their individual round, the head judge will call random competitor numbers of their choice to line up center stage where front and back pose comparisons will be performed. Judges will compare competitors against others in the same class to help determine placement.


Evening Presentation Format: Each competitor will again be called to center stage where they are given 15 seconds to perform front and back turns one last time. Competitors will then line up on stage right/left based on the direction of the expediter and walk a “box walk” formation giving all athletes their time on the stage. Once all have been presented the expediter will instruct the competitors to exit the stage. The top 5 competitors will be called back on stage for trophy presentations.


***Note Novice – Pro Cards are not awarded to this division.


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