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Competitors will be judged on posing as well as physical appearance, in both individual
and comparison rounds. Promoters will give advance notice to competitors if their show will
feature a T-Walk, and I-Walk, or a Box Walk. Below is a breakdown of the Wellness Division
with details regarding proper competition attire, presentation and mandatory posing.
Competitor's physique should display a firmness where the muscle bellies are slightly harder
and rounder than seen in the Bikini Division (ie. larger legs/glutes development and a defined
core), but not display the wide shoulders, round delts and lat development of a figure
competitor or the muscle separation, definition, low body fat levels, dryness or density that is
displayed in our Classic and Bodybuilding division.

- Symmetry - Muscularity - Conditioning

• Vertical proportions (legs to upper body length) are one of the key factors. Horizontal
proportions (hips and waist to shoulder width) may favor women with a bit bigger hips,
thighs and buttocks.
• Balanced and proportioned physique from left to right side.
• Overall Toned Muscular Build with emphasis on the Lower Body Development
• Developed shoulders and back
• Small Tapered Waist, not blocky
• Toned Abs
• Well developed and tight Muscular Quads
• Well developed and tight Glutes and Hamstrings
• Toned and tight physique with minimal muscular separation, vascularity, and no
Competition Attire:
Two-piece contest regulated suit (25% coverage). Thongs will not be permitted.
• Competition suits may be enhanced with rhinestones, sparkle, sequins etc
• High heeled shoes are required
• Jewelry may be worn within good taste provided that it does not interfere with the
presentation of the competitor’s physique.

Mandatory Poses:
- Front Pose - Feet must face towards forward for judging. The hips should face the judges
and the arms can remain at the sides or you can place one hand on your hip. Your toes
MUST face the judges, but competitors can angle their toes out SLIGHTLY if it helps to
accentuate their thigh presentation.
- Rear Pose - Competitors execute a complete turn to the rear of the stage. Competitor’s feet
are no wider than shoulder width apart and stand in upright position. Competitors should
brush their hair to one side when they turn to the rear, so their back can be seen (if they have
long hair). Hands are in front of the body resting on the quad. Lat’s open but not over flared to
show upper body symmetry. Slight lean forward at the waist, but NOT bent over, highlighting
the glutes and hamstrings.
- Walking to the Back/Front – Competitors will perform a walk to the back of the stage, usually
4-5 steps, and return back into a Rear Pose. Head Judge will have competitors face the front,
and then have competitors walk back to the front line, where competitors take 4-5 steps to
return to the front.
*Any over exaggerated and distracting movement on stage will not be permitted and the Head
Judge reserves the right to tell the competitor to hold their pose.

Individual Round/Routine:
During pre-judging each Competitor will execute the Box Walk. The competitor will be judged
on Presentation and Poise. You will enter the stage from the right side and hit the first box
closest to you and hit 2-3 poses, move to the center stage, hit 2-3 poses, and then move to
the left side of the stage and hit 2-3 poses before being directed to your placement per the
Stage Expediter's instructions.

Group Comparisons:
Once all competitors have completed their individual rounds, the head judge will call random
competitor numbers of their choice to line up on center stage where quarter turn comparisons
will be performed. Upon completion of comparison round the head judge could call on
competitors to return to stage in order to ensure proper judging and placement.

Awards Presentation Format:
Competitors will be called to stage one by one to preform the I-Walk, where they will stop at
back center stage, strike 1-2 poses, take 4-5 paces to the center stage, hit 1-2 poses, and
proceed to line up on stage right/left or off stage based on the direction of the expediter until
each competitor has presented themselves. Expediter will then direct top 5 back on stage
after all competitors complete their I-Walk for the Awards Presentation.

Pro Wellness

  • Once Classes are purchased, they are non-refundable. No exceptions

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