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About Fit+Balanced

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This is our second annual Fit + Balanced Workshop! We are so pleased by the feedback we received from the event in 2021 that we had to make it happen again!

Event will have 4 speakers, Q&A at the end and plenty of time to speak with the speakers, visit sponsored booths and meet others in your community!

We will have lunch provided with a break, swag bag and giveaways.

Topics will be informative and educational so you can apply things that will impact you in your life to be a healthier version of you.

Topic 1: Breaking down macronutrients, micronutrients and know how much to eat for your goals. Understanding how to eat while debunking myths to the nutrition industry. Resources and ways to see results fast!

Topic 2: Understanding Exercise and how this can improve your mental health and metabolism. Breaking down the importance of resistance training, cardio and injuries.

Topic 3: Toxins are all around us. Did you know certain toxins can affect your endocrine system causing issues with thyroid, sexual hormones and more? Learn more about environmental toxins and implementing better household products that are safe. Topic also will be educational understanding more about the Central Nervous System and how to improve this be decreasing medication usage, less anxiety/depression and more.

Topic 4: Understanding hormones, reading blood labs and how to apply nutrition, exercise and supplemental needs based on your personalized health.


X-Frame Productions, LLC

X-Frame is an Event's Production Company based

out of Austin, Tx hosting Bodybuilding Shows, Fitness Events, 

Health and Wellness Events, and Seminars.

We want to thank all our supporting sponsors and vendors:

- Prep Thyme Meal Prep

- Big Tex Gym

- Competition Kit

- Showglow Tanning

- Bella Glam

- Organic Muscle

- Britfigures Coaching

- Talty Bar

- Race Gas Supplements

- Agame by Sharon

- Regan Health & Wellness

- Greenhouse Foods Donuts

- Elliete Beauty

- Kitty Bikini

- ON-X Naturals

- DT Label

- LGS Activewear

- Fuel n' Burn Fitness

- Bananers Design

- Austin Fitness Community

- Mr E's Remedies

To become a Sponsor, please reach out via Email →

For More Information:

Office/Mailing Address

1921 Cedar Bend Dr


Austin, Tx 78758


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